The Athletic Exploratorium in Odense


Atletikanlæg i Odense er verdens bedste udendørs idrætsanlæg


Den olympiske komité IOC har kåret Syddansk Universitets byggeri som det mest banebrydende anlæg foran 125 andre.




The Athletic Arena at University of Southern Denmark has been

elected as the most famous pioneer in front of 125 competitors.

New ways - The Athletic Exploratorium in Odense


Athletics was for a long time the queen of conventional sports, both in clubs and in schools.


And consequently countless small and medium-size facilities were built, not only in Denmark.


Athletics and club sport have since lost a good deal of their popularity and have been overtaken by weight training, jogging and ball sports.


So what should be done ......


(International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities)

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